Nokia Visiting Professors 2019

Nokia Visiting Professors and Centennials 2019

Visiting Professor Mehdi Bennis received his diploma from the Foundation Chairman, Timo Ali-Vehmas and Foundation Officer, Leena Tanner.
VP: Bennis Mehdi
University of Oulu, Finland
Topic: Wireless Network Intelligence at the Edge
Host: Princeton University, USA
Grant: 6 000 €
VP: Benslimane Djamal
Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, France
Topic: PROSERV Project - Flexible Querying of Uncertain Web Services
Host: University of Oulu, Finland
Grant: 8 000 €
VP: Di Renzo Marco
CNRS & Centrale Supelec, France
Topic: Wireless Networks Empowered by Reconfigurable Intelligent Meta-Surfaces (RIMSs): Theoretical Foundation Based on Electromagnetism and Physics
Host: Aalto University, Finland
Grant: 8 000 €
VP: Liang Ying-Chang
University of Electronic Science & Technology of China
Topic: Ambient Backscatter Communications for Ultra-low Power IoT
Host: Aalto University, Finland
Grant: 15 000 €
Centennial: Koda Yusuke
Kyoto University, Japan
Topic: Camera-assisted Framework for Reliable, Decentralized, and Ultra-Dense Millimeter Wave Networks
Host: Oulu University, Finland
Grant: 6 000 €