Nokia Recognition Award 2007

Nokia Foundation Recognition Award 2007: Pekka Abrahamsson

Nokia Foundation Award to Pekka Abrahamsson

Helsinki, Finland – Nokia Foundation has granted its 2007 award to Pekka Abrahamsson for his merits in researching and developing global software development and processes.

The EUR 10,000 award was presented at the Foundation’s scholarship awards ceremony on November 28, 2007, when the Foundation celebrated its 13th year of operation.

Pekka Abrahamsson is a research professor at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and currently head of the FLEXI-ITEA2 project, which aims to improve the competitiveness of Europe’s software development by accelerating and adapting global product development and innovations. There are 37 organizations from eight European countries involved in the project. Abrahamsson is a pioneer of agile software development in Finland, and his team designed Mobile-D, the agile approach for mobile application development. Abrahamsson has also coached several agile software development projects in industry and has authored more than 55 scientific publications on software development and processes.

“Software is one of the key elements driving the Information, Communication and Telecommunications’ role in the economy. At Nokia, the company is branching out into software and services in a unique way, compared with the mobility industry at large. Nokia is renewing and transforming business models, taking different approaches than in the past, as software increases in value,” Jorma Ollila, Chairman of Nokia’s Board of Directors, noted in his address at the Foundation’s ceremony.

This year, Nokia Foundation awarded 89 scholarships totaling EUR 451,500. Of the scholarships, 83 targeted the support of fast-progressing post-graduate studies aiming for a doctorate in information and data communications technology, and six were for visiting fellows and researchers.

Previous recipients of the Nokia Foundation’s annual award were Lauri Kuokkanen (1995), Pekka Tarjanne (1996), Linus Torvalds (1997), Arto Salomaa (1998), Kullervo Nieminen (1999), Osmo A. Wiio (2000), Ilkka Haikala (2001), Veikko Rintamäki (2002), George Metakides (2003), Heikki Lyytinen (2004), Moncef Gabbouj (2005), and Mårten Mickos (2006).

Nokia Foundation was formed in 1995. The Foundation supports the scientific development of information and telecommunications technologies and promotes education of the sector in Finland.

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