Nokia Visiting Professors 2013

Nokia Visiting Professor 2013

Below you will find a complete list of all Nokia Visiting Professor recipients.

Balandin Sergey
Open Innovations Association FRUCT
Topic: Development of Smart Room laboratory and demo space
Host: Petrozavodsk State University (Republic of Karelia, Russia)
Grant: 6000 €
Barsky Brian
University of California, Berkeley
Topic: Computational Ophthalmology Approaches to Retinal Imaging
Host: Lappeenranta University of Technology
Grant: 8000 €
Chollet Gerard
Emeritus researcher
Topic: Audio-Visual Imposture in Identity Verification
Host: University of Eastern Finland, School of Computing
Grant: 6000 €
Filanovsky Igor
University of Alberta at Edmonton, Canada
Topic: Critical Blocks of Mobile RF Transmitters: High-Speed DC/DC converters for RF Power Amplifiers
Host: Tampere University of Technology.
Grant: 7000 €
Hadid Abdenour
University of Oulu
Topic: Establishing Collaboration in Computer Vision and Biometrics with Leading US Universities
Host: Michigan State University, USA
Grant: 7000 €
Koivunen Visa
Aalto University
Topic: : Research on joint optimization of identifying and accessing idle spectrum, interference modeling and management, and optimized networked sensor system
Host: Princeton University, Department of Electrical Engineering.
Grant: 6000 €
Madden Gary
Curtin University
Topic: Hedonic Price Model Estimation using Dynamic panel Models
Host: Aalto University
Grant: 8000 €
Mohammadi Abbas
Amirkabir University
Topic: Adaptive and energy efficient transceivers for future intelligent radio networks
Host: Tampere University of Technology
Grant: 7000 €
Tarkoma Sasu
University of Helsinki
Topic: Smartphone Energy Efficiency
Host: Cambridge University, Computer Laboratory
Grant: 7000 €