Nokia Foundation Award 2023

Nokia Foundation Recognition Award 2023: Antti Räisänen

Nokia Foundation recognizes Professor Emeritus Antti Räisänen from the Aalto University for his achievements in the advancement of radio engineering education and research in Finland.

Antti is a key person on the journey that established Finland as a forerunner in radio technologies for telecommunications and other applications. His relentless passion for developing the radio engineering education and research as well as setting in motion the collaboration between industry and academia have laid the foundation that established Finland as a global leader in Information and Communications Technology.

It should be acknowledged that Antti is one of the most prominent researchers in Finland in radio technology and science. He is a pioneer of the scientific research in the higher frequencies and for this as well as for his other scientific achievements he is one of the few persons in Finland who has received the prestigious IEEE Fellow distinction. During his career he has authored or coauthored more than 500 scientific or technical papers. In addition to his significant achievements in radio engineering research, Nokia Foundation wants to recognize with this award also his lifelong commitment to developing education in the field of radio engineering. During his career Antti has supervised more than 50 doctor’s degrees and his reputation as demanding yet highly committed teacher is legendary. Through his teaching and through his students Antti has been a key person in laying the foundation that enabled Finland to leave a mark in the pages of history as the birthplace of mobile communication. For this work Professor Emeritus Antti Räisänen receives the 28th Nokia Foundation Recognition Award.