Nokia Foundation Award 2018

Nokia Foundation Award 2018: Heli Jantunen

Professor and the Leader of the Microelectronics Research Unit in University of Oulu, Heli Jantunen, has had several roles in the area of ICT electronics, manufacturing and materials. She is a founder of a company, and as a researcher, she has had over 40 industrial partners. Research in her group spans over multitude of domains of industrial significance, ranging from high frequency applications, energy harvesters, sensors, multifunctional micro modules to modern manufacturing methods like printed electronics. In particular, she has advanced knowledge on technology in electro ceramics and related composites for above mentioned application areas. Her research has been awarded and funded by impressive list of funding agencies, such as Tekes, Academy of Finland, NiCe, EU, ERA.Net and ERC with the Advanced Grant.

She is a prolific inventor of more than 70 patents and has over 250 peer-reviewed scientific publications. She has served as a member of the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering, Academy of Finland, and is currently the General Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of Defense. Additionally, she is an Academician Member of the World Academy of Ceramics from 2013.