Nokia Foundation Award 2021

Nokia Foundation Award 2021: Yrjö Neuvo

Nokia Foundation recognizes Yrjö Neuvo, PhD (EE), Professor and Research Director at Aalto University, for his outstanding achievements in the development of postgraduate education and collaboration with companies in Finland. Of special merit we wish to note the establishment of the PoDoCo (PostDocs for Companies) program for postdoctoral researchers and Bit Bang course for the postgraduate students.

Hannu Kauppinen, Chairman of the board of Nokia Foundation, said: “There’s an increasing need to employ doctors in the companies. Especially the Finnish technology companies, Nokia among others, need highly skilled experts who can help the companies to drive innovations and renew products and services. Strong relationships between universities and companies, and making the latest research results available are crucial for developing Finnish economy and society. With this award we want to demonstrate our appreciation for the important work that Yrjö Neuvo is doing to help the doctors become employed in the Finnish companies but also help the postgraduates develop the needed working-life skills.”